Summer 2005 Group Study of Finnegans Wake. If you want more info, ask!

06 July 2005

So like, we now see what our flaws were. I do, anyway. I am going to create a wake website geared towards methodical slow reading and based more on enjoying the text. However, if I am gonna do it I will need time. If you are interested in running with the wake stuff, drop me an email at and I will email you information as I get things up and running.

For now, I am abandoning this project. You guys can feel free to keep posting and discussing or walking away, not sure what you wanna do. I recommend you stick with the wake but I need to concentrate on my internship for the next 6 weeks. Sorry this didn't work out better. Any further questions, please contact dan jones.

So long!

22 June 2005

"The time has come, " the Walrus said, "To speak of many things..."

I am kinda getting the sense that a lot of ya cracked open the text and suddenly it was really hard, so when I post a 6 page explication of some vague notions that you can maybe see it perhaps feels a bit intimidating - believe me, first time I did this I was the same way. Reading FW is a skill that has to be cultivated, so don't let it get you down. Riding a bike is tricky at first too.

So on that note, I wanna go back to an idea that Dan and I tossed around before we threw all this together. With regards to posts and whatnot, what do you all think if we changed it so that basically, your job is to find one thing on each page that you like/get/think is clever? The kind of broad interpretive stuff I have been posting is just my thoughts but perhaps it's not altogether fair to ask Wake Rookies to post similar threads - I know where my professor to drop the wake in my lap and say "summarize chapter one by Sunday" I wouldn't handle it too well.

So how about it? Your posts would be short and to the point. Also, I would personally advise drastically slowing the reading pace so we do maybe 20 pages a week tops. We wouldn't "finish" by the end of summer but that's cool, it's an ongoing project.

The reason I recommend this is because right now you have 700 unintelligible pages in your lap and you feel like you have to write a report on them by the weekend, then another, then another - and suddenly this reading experience turns into work. This book shouldn't be work, this book is a cosmic joke, it is meant to be enjoyed.

I also recommend that anyone who is sort of in the same neighborhood get together and read this over a few brews at the local pub, change readers every paragraph and discuss between changes. Over the net is cool but if you have the chance to read it the Right way, do it!

So these are my thoughts, does anyone have any opinions? I think if we keep up at this pace the whole thing stops being fun. Let's take it a bit at a time, there is no deadline, no rush, a couple pages a day with just one thing per page that sticks out at you as something that YOU understand.

What do you think? I am not officially chaning the project here, merely proposing this change for discussion.

19 June 2005


Come one come all! Welcome to the summer 2005 internation finnegans wake reading blog. Before we begin, please register a blogger account (it is easy you will figure it out) and then leave a comment on this post introducing yourself.

My name is mykola bilokonsky. I am a japanese/english major at OSU and am wrapping up the tail end of a year internship in Japan. I read the wake (more or less) last spring in a course with professor sebastian knowles. I was more observing the course than actually taking it. It's a good book, you will like it. If you want to know more about me, I have a blog at .

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Assignments are on the menu to the right. For now, only the first one is active.

Drop me an IM any time at flyingbucket or email me at mbilokonsky AT

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23 May 2005

Recommended Reading

This is sort of a review/analysis/overview of The Wake. Really great writeup. If you are not sure if you want to jump onto this bandwagon, give this a read. (Click the title of this post).

19 May 2005

Finnegans Wake

This is going to be the headquarters for our reading of Finnegans Wake, summer 2005. More details to follow.

For now, I have invited Dan to be an administrator of this site and it is his responsibility to get everyone interested involved.