Summer 2005 Group Study of Finnegans Wake. If you want more info, ask!

19 June 2005


Come one come all! Welcome to the summer 2005 internation finnegans wake reading blog. Before we begin, please register a blogger account (it is easy you will figure it out) and then leave a comment on this post introducing yourself.

My name is mykola bilokonsky. I am a japanese/english major at OSU and am wrapping up the tail end of a year internship in Japan. I read the wake (more or less) last spring in a course with professor sebastian knowles. I was more observing the course than actually taking it. It's a good book, you will like it. If you want to know more about me, I have a blog at .

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Drop me an IM any time at flyingbucket or email me at mbilokonsky AT

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Blogger chhunny said...

Hi everyone. My name is Chhunny (choo-knee). I got involved thanks to Dan : ) (we were fellow interns in DC last summer.) Just finished at Cal State Long Beach as a creative writing/ philosophy student, and I'm on my way to law school at Berkeley (well, that's the plan--i just got a letter saying i didn't officially graduate--but i'm sure it's a mistake--well, mostly sure).

By Joyce, I've only read (and loved) Portrait in an Irish lit. class, which was mainly a survey class. I'm travelling in Cambodia for three weeks, but I will try my best to stay abreast : ) Thanks for having me!!

20 June, 2005 02:53

Blogger the woid said...

My name is Dan Jones (I've grown to like having an everyman name) and I just graduated from The Ohio State University ("The" thrown in to be obnoxious) with a B.A. in History and a minor in English. I will be spending the summer in Columbus, Ohio and hope to someday organize a Wake meet-up for everyone who will be in town at the time. I have been interested in exploring The Wake ever since reading Ulysses for OSU's English H598.02 (Special Topics in Lit.: Ulysses and The Waste Land) class with prof. Seb Knowles. I expect that my language proficiency in French and Italian and familiarity with Spanish, Mandarin, and German will enable me to share some occasional language tidbits. I was raised in a devoutly Catholic home, so I also hope to pick up on items of religious significance that might not be so obvious to others. I'm decently familiar with Joyce's body of work, having read Portrait, Ulysses, and some of Dubliners. I'm expecting this venture to be a lot of fun.

21 June, 2005 00:47

Blogger Tom said...

Hi, I'm Tom Moosbrugger. Dan Jones brought me in on this little venture, which sounds fun, and works well with my plans to read a ton of books this summer. I haven't read anything by Joyce before, other than his rather licentious letters, but I am fairly well-read. I study Ancient History & Classics and Anthropology as majors, and am working on Italian and History of Art minors at OSU. I don't know how much all of that will come in handy, but I am filled will all sorts of pointless trivia, so that may help.

Like Dan, I'm just spending my summer in Columbus, Ohio.

21 June, 2005 21:10

Blogger Sarah said...

hi. I'm Sarah. I can't say I'll have anything worth posting or reading, or if I'll even keep up, just so you know. ;) But, we'll see where this goes...

27 June, 2005 19:00

Blogger drewbie said...

Hi, this is Drew Bunker, founder of the illustrious "Books are for Cool Kids" facebook group that brought us all together online. :-D. I know Dan from Phi Alpha Theta, and thought that, though I haven't read any Joyce before, I do enjoy book clubs and things of that nature. As most everyone, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contribute, but with my recently achieved proficiency in French (from studying in France for 5 months) and my history and international studies majors, I'll contribute all I can! In addition, I don't have home internet if I am not a prolific poster, that's the reason.

04 July, 2005 15:47


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